Spa rituals

Peeling| Packing with sea minerals | Relaxing body massage | Light cooling effect | Elimination of toxins Zeolite, Bentonite BY PHYTOMER


Detox Body wrap – Wrap for detoxification and drainage SEA MASK FOR BODY CONTOUR – DEEP CLEANSING It stimulates sweating, expels excess water, toxins from the body and starts the metabolism. Peeling, body wrap and massage.


90 min (10.500,00 RSD)

SHELL ZONE TOUCH is relaxing luxury massage that uses the heat generated inside the beautiful natural shell that is being used for the massage. Considering that the thermal procedure is applied and that the skin opens up to everything we apply to it we only use carefully selected products of natural origin.


This massage gives exceptionally relaxing effect because the heat relaxes the tension in the body’s muscles and joints regenerating the entire organism. At the same time, the flow of blood and lymph improves which provides tissues with better nutrition and releases harmful and toxic substances and excess water. This way, the effect of detoxification is achieved with noticeable pain and tensionreduction. Significant effect of this massage can be seen on the skin in terms of tightness because during the massage process the shell itself releases mineral ions from.


60 min (6.500,00 RSD)

The touch of diamonds and the skillful hand of a therapist will make your skin reflect inner peace and relaxation with its shine. Energy of the crystal works at the cellular lever encouraging self-regeneration in combination with luxurious massage wax. Natural oils and vitamins are better absorbed by the effect of crystals also allowing the skin’s greater utilization of nutrients resulting in radiant beauty.


60 min (7.000,00 RSD)

Warm sea mud | Neck | Shoulder | Spine | Relaxing back massage & foot massage BY PHYTOMER


Back treatment, peeling, massage and warm sea mud for detoxification and drainage. SELF-HEATING MARINE MUD. – Sea mud – relaxes muscles, reduces tension, removes toxins and drains, Sea clay – 100% purification and detoxification. Oligomer – concentrated sea water powder, rich in minerals – gives energy to cells and prevents fatigue. The back can become tense and filled with myogelosis. In order to relax the muscles and break up the myogelosis, this treatment combines a deep cleansing using detoxifying marine products with a super-relaxing massage of the back, scalp and feet. A short relaxing treatment that you can enjoy during your lunch break if you are a very busy person. A favorite among men, who often require a therapeutic back treatment. Sea mud warms and crackles – that’s why it’s also called „sea champagne“. Results: Relaxation guaranteed. Visibly purified skin.


50 min (6.500,00 RSD)

Relaxing peeling of the whole body / Sea salt crystals/ Massage for skin mineralization & hidratation /Before and after tanning/ BY PHYTOMER


Peeling with salt crystals in combination with hidrating massage for instant Piling sa kristalima soli u kombinaciji sa hidratantnom masažom for instant beautification is a treatment that leaves the skin soft and silky. Product for slimming, contouring and tightening treatments. The key professional product for this treatment is the TONING BODY SCRUB, which eliminates dead skin cells, impurities and drains, leaving the skin silky and nourished.


40 min (5.000,00 RSD)