Hydromassage tub

Temperature: 33-35°C
Recommended time: 15-20min (depending on the subjective feeling)


Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for the treatment of pain. This practice has a long tradition and dates back to ancient times.


Hydromassage bathtubs are equipped with jets that massage the whole body. Hydrotherapy provides complete enjoyment and enables the relaxation of all muscles and the release of tension and stress. Staying in warm water stimulates circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage.


A hydromassage bathtub with jet filters all the water in just 3-4 minutes.

Boravkom u sauni se organizam oslobađa od štetnih materija i toksina, jača imunološki sistem, opušta telo od napetosti i stresa, otvaraju se pore i omogućuje da se lakše odstrane izumrele ćelije

Sauna povoljno deluje kod problema sa respiratornim sistemom kao što su bronhitis, astma(izuzev akutnih asmatskih problem) i kod alergija. Poboljšava krvotok disajnih puteva

Kako bi se izazvao maksimalan efekat i poboljšao rad kardiovaskularnog sistema preporučuje se kombinacija sa hladnim tušem, povoljno deluje kod tretiranja reumatskih oboljenja i sl

Naročito je pogodna kod oporavka nakon različitih sportskih aktivnosti jer dolazi do opuštanja mišića i u borbi kod problema spavanja i osećaja depresije i anksioznosti

It expands blood vessels and improves circulation, muscles are released from tension, stress is reduced and anxiety is eliminated while the skin is cleansed and the release of endorphins stimulated giving a feeling of satisfaction.


Hydromassage tubs are particularly suitable for various sports injuries, arthritis, tendinitis and similar because they reduce muscle pain, speed up recover and increase joint mobility.

Severe heart diseases, presence of a pacemaker, angina pectoris, pericarditis, myocarditis, high/low blood pressure, varicose veins and blood vessel diseases. Contraindications include acute infections, skin diseases, kidney diseases, high temperature, postoperative conditions, pregnancy etc.

Recommendations of ZONE Private Health Club:


– For maximum benefits of the hydromassage bath it is ideal to use it after physical activity or between using other facilities in the spa center
– Not recommended after eating
– Long hair must be raised up and fixed
– The use of electronic devices is not allowed